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Post-traumatic Radioulnar Synostosis in Distal Forearm Fractures in Children: A Report of 2 Cases
Alexandre Gounot 1, Anne-Laure Simon, Frédérique Dizin, Jason Chinnappa, Virginie Mas, Pascal Jehanno, JBJS Case Connect . 2022 Feb 10;12(1). doi: 10.2106/JBJS.CC.21.00590.

Metacarpal resection after failure of replantation in skeletally immature patients. 
JG. Delvaque, V. Mas, B. Ilharreborde, AL. Simon, P. Jehanno Hand Surg Rehabil 2021 Avr: S2468-1229(21)00138-9 

Descriptive analysis of pediatric orthopaedic surgical emergencies during the COVID-19 lockdown: an observational study in a red-zone area of pandemic in France 
AL. Simon, S. Kassab Assan, F. Julien-Marsollier, A. Happiette, P. Jehanno, JG. Delvaque, B. Ilharreborde  Orthop Traumatol Surg Res Oct 2020

Surgically Treated Pediatric Hand and Fingers Palmar Wounds Caused by Metal Fences: Analysis Over a 5-Year Period. 
AL. Simon, P. Savidan, C. Plomion, V. Mas, B. Ilharreborde, P. Jehanno J Pediatr Orthop 2021 Apr;41(4):236-241. 

Upper limb extravasation of cytotoxic drugs: results of the saline washout technique in children.  
V. Mas, AL. Simon, A. Presedo, C. Mallet, B. Ilharreborde, P. Jehanno.  J Child Orthop 2020; 14(3):230-235 

Pulseless supracondylar humeral fractures in children: vascular complications in a ten-year series.  
A. Cambon-Binder, P. Jehanno, L. Tribout, P. Valenti, AL.Simon, B. Ilharreborde, K. Mazda. Int Orthop. 2081;42(4):891-899. 

Video-assisted functional assessment of index pollicisation in congenital anomalies: preliminary report.
 V. Mas, B. Ilharreborde, C. Mallet, K. Mazda, AL. Simon, P. Jehanno. J Child Orthop 2016 Aug; 10(4): 301-6. 

Treatment of Recalcitrant Nonunion of the Radius With Posterior Interosseous Bone Flap in Children. 
Kamrani RS, Jehanno P, Arabzadeh A, Nabian MH, Farhoud AR. J Pediatr Orthop. 2021 Sep 1;41(8):472-478.

External fixation: Role in decreasing postoperative complications of complex syndactyly release – A review of 18 patients. 
Artuso M, Mas V, Ilharreborde B, Mazda K, Jehanno P. Orthop Traumatol Surg Res. 2019 Oct;105(6):1187-1191. 

Complications and Pitfalls after Finger Replantation in Young Children. 
Lafosse T, Jehanno P, Fitoussi F. J Hand Microsurg. 2018 Aug;10(2):74-78.

Nerve transfer to biceps to restore elbow flexion and supination in children with obstetrical brachial plexus palsy. 
Murison J, Jehanno P, Fitoussi F. J Child Orthop. 2017 Dec 1;11(6):455-459. 

Autologous arteriovenous fistulas for hemodialysis using microsurgery techniques in children weighing less than 20 kg. 
Karava V, Jehanno P, Kwon T, Deschênes G, Macher MA, Bourquelot P. Pediatr Nephrol. 2018 May;33(5):855-862.

Feasibility of a reduction protocol in the emergency department for diaphyseal forearm fractures in children. 
Pesenti S, Litzelmann E, Kahil M, Mallet C, Jehanno P, Mercier JC, Ilharreborde B, Mazda K. Orthop Traumatol Surg Res. 2015 Sep;101(5):597-600.

[Metacarpal osteoarticular injuries in children]. 
Jehanno P, Mas V, Fitoussi F, Frajman JM, Valenti P, Mazda K. Chir Main. 2013 Sep;32 Suppl 1:S29-38.

Comparative study of 2 commissural dorsal flap techniques for the treatment of congenital syndactyly. 
Mallet C, Ilharreborde B, Jehanno P, Litzelmann E, Valenti P, Mazda K, Penneçot GF, Fitoussi F. J Pediatr Orthop. 2013 Mar;33(2):197-204.

Forearm deformities in hereditary multiple exostosis: clinical and functional results at maturity. 
Litzelmann E, Mazda K, Jehanno P, Brasher C, Penneçot GF, Ilharreborde B. J Pediatr Orthop. 2012 Dec;32(8):835-41.

Digital avulsion with compromised vascularization: study of 23 cases in children. 
Lefèvre Y, Mallet C, Ilharreborde B, Jehanno P, Frajmann JM, Penneçot GF, Mazda K, Fitoussi F. J Pediatr Orthop. 2011 Apr-May;31(3):259-65.